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Executive and construction plan for the bridge over the Gravina stream
Structural tipology:
Arch Bridge

Design level:
Executive plan


S.S. 655 “Bradanica” 137+VII km

Locality of La Martella (MT)



Contracting company


Cimolai S.p.A. (metal works)


Matildi+Partners srl


Executive plan (technical bypass report) – deck

Construction plan – deck

Acceptance testing assistance

Time Period


Extent and spans

142 m


Arch Bridge over Gravina

The Project

The Project

The Project

Executive and construction plan for the bridge over the Gravina stream in Matera (La Martella industrial area), located at 137+VII km on S.S. 655 “Bradanica”

Eliminated thrust arch bridge, support span 142 m, total length 144 m. Carriageway deck in composite steel-concrete twin-beam system with four stringers supported from the arch by 19 pairs of pendants. The structure is constrained by 8 elastomeric isolators (4 under the deck beams and the same number at the bearings of the arches).

Arch and Deck

Arch and Deck

Arch and Deck

The arch consists of a pair of φ1700 tubes connected by φ800 tubes positioned head on and every second suspension pendant.

The deck beams are double-T sections in a welded arrangement with a spacing of 10.50 m and a constant height of 2200 mm. Four stringers complete the deck. The pendants are made of closed cables φ120, with fixed cable lug on the arch side and adjustable cable lug on the deck side. All metal components use S355.

The diaphragms, arranged with typical spacing of 6 m, consist of solid double-T sections in a welded assembly and are bolted to the main beams.




Installation took place on temporary towers mounted in the Gravina riverbed. The strongly torrential nature of the watercourse, with sudden changes in water level, required the creation of “significant” concrete barriers at the base of the towers for safety considerations.

The deck was hoisted up from below and completed with a slab, leaving adequate provisions to allow the temporary towers to run through the platform. Once the deck was complete, the arch was assembled, pre-assembled in macro-segments and transported to the site using SPMTs. Lastly, the cables were assembled and tensioned, and the temporary towers dismantled.

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A visual narrative depicting our rigorous work on the design, construction and testing of the infrastructure as a new roadway serving the entire community.