State-of-the-art Structural Engineering

State-of-the-art Structural Engineering

State-of-the-art Structural Engineering

Matildi+Partners S.r.l. is a benchmark in the field of structural engineering applied to bridges and viaducts. Our company stands out for its ongoing commitment to innovation in the field of Structural Engineering, with an emphasis on providing state-of-the-art services including bridge and viaduct monitoring.

Services offered to: RFI, ITALFERR, ANAS.

Support for the creation of Graphical Interfaces

We provide support in creating intuitive graphical interfaces to simplify access to monitoring data, thereby making it easier to interpret information and make decisions in real time.


Monitoring during structure Testing stages

Matildi+Partners S.r.l. provides monitoring solutions designed to ensure the safety and integrity of structures during critical testing and construction stages. Our team provides on-time support in the continual monitoring of systems, ensuring that your project is a complete success.


Dynamic Surveys

By means of detailed dynamic surveys, we explore the structural response of the construction and collect data that further feed into our digital models, allowing us to improve the design and performance of future structures.