Valtellina Viaduct
Valtellina Viaduct

S.S. no.38 Variant at Morbegno (SO)


Construction design of composite viaducts of Lot 1 - S.S. no.38 Morbegno variant, from the Fuentes junction to the Tartano junction - First section from the Fuentes junction to the left of the Bitto river - Branch A.
Valtellina Viaduct: Total length 3850 m, 8 sections of 480 m with average span 50 m.
Fuentes Viaduct: Total length of north carriageway 330 m and south carriageway 350 m with average span 42 m.
Borgo Francone Viaduct: Arches of 32+42+32 m for a total length of 106 m.
Fuentes junction: 3 overpasses with simple support, span 36 m.

Years: 2009-2011


  • Maeg Costruzioni S.p.A.