Reghena Viaduct
Reghena Viaduct

S.S. no.14 - Portogruaro Variant - 2nd Lot and modification of the 1st Lot (VE)


Executive design of the Reghena Viaduct and the Overpass over the roundabout on the S.S. no.53 as part of the works on the S.S. no.14 - Portogruaro variant - 2nd Lot and modification of the 1st Lot (VE).
Composite viaducts with composite welded double T beams - Slab thickness 30 cm and total width 13.2 m.
ReghenaViaduct: Total length 680 m with average spans 50m, bank spans 46 m and railway span 88 m - Distance between beams 6.50 m - Beam height 2.10 m in the 50 m spans and variable from 3.90 m to 3.10 m in the 88 m and two adjacent spans.
Overpass on the roundabout on S.S. no. 53: Total length 214 m - average arches 40m and bank arches 27m - Beam distance 6.50m and constant height 1.70 m.

Years: 2005-2009


  • FABIANI Costruzioni S.p.A.