San Leonardo viaduct
San Leonardo viaduct

Motorway NSA339 "Catania-Siracusa" (CT)


Detailed design of composite viaducts to complete the motorway stretch NSA 339 "Catania-Siracusa" between Passo san Martino along the service route from the city of Catania and Km 130+400 on S.S. no.144.
8 bridges and viaducts total length 2076 m - 5 junctions total length 931 m - 2 flyovers total length 100 m. San Leonardo viaduct with average spans 120 m and bank spans 70 m, variable beam height2.5 m to 6.5 m and slab width13.50 m . Agnone II viaduct made using frame arches with respective length 70 m on the SR-CT carriageway and 105 m on the CT-SR.

Years: 2003-2009


  • Impresa Pizzarotti & C. S.p.A