OP1- Crescenza Viaduct
OP1- Crescenza Viaduct

G.R.A. Motorway (Rome ring road) "Raccordo Anulare" North West Quadrant - Lot V (Rome)


Executive and construction design of the three lane modification in both directions of lot V between Km 13+900 and 17+400 - North West Quadrant. Road section type I CNR80, double carriageway, three lands each 3.75 m with 3 m emergency lane and 4 m wide traffic island. Crescenza viaduct: composite bridge with three spans 75 m + 110 m + 65 m and width 18 m. Sant’Andrea junction: new GRA exit serving the hospital and interface with the ring road both on the Cassia Veientana (six junction functions) and access to the hospital from an elliptical roundabout. Viaduct over the junction at Sant’Andrea: pre-stressed concrete deck with average span 25 m and width 8 m with 6 spans. 2 artificial twin tube tunnels total length 440 m. 2 composite flyovers.

Years: 2003-2006


  • Tecnis S.p.A.