Craco viaduct - S.S. no.103 "Val d'Agri" (PZ)


Executive design of the Craco viaducts - S.S. no.103 "Val d'Agri" (PZ).
Supported composite decks with spans 50 and 74 m and road section type IV CNR 80.
Sant'Eligio viaduct: standard span 50 m and total length 300 m with curvature 300 m.
Facciomma viaduct: standard spans between 50 and 74 m for a total length of 1234 m and curvature 300 m.
Bruscata viaduct: standard span 74 m and total length 1258 m with curvature 300 m.
Sciamirro bridge: single span 50 m and curvature 500 m.

Years: 1983