Bridge at Granatieri di Sardegna - S.S. no.14 "della Venezia Giulia" (VE)


Executive design of the bridge over the River Piave S.S. no.14 "della Venezia Giulia" - Completion of the 2nd lot of the variant south of San DonĂ  di Piave (VE).
Composite deck with three spans each approx. 80+100+80 m supported at the ends on reinforced concrete brackets on the piers not in the riverbed and in the centre on two piers in the riverbed and other two stretches of deck of approx. 60 m span, included between the pre-stressed concrete segments of the abutments and the piers not in the riverbed, also with a composite structure.

Years: 2005-2008


  • Tecnis S.p.A.