Studio MATILDI, now known as MATILDI +PARTNERS, owned by Prof. Giuseppe Matildi and Carlo Vittorio Matildi, was founded in 1950 by Prof. Pietro Matildi (1917-2002), who graduated in Mathematics at the Scuola Normale in Pisa and later in Engineering in Bari, and was a full professor of Construction Sciences at the Faculty of Engineering at the Universities of Bari, Trieste and Bologna.
Under Prof. Pietro, Studio Matildi began to specialise particularly in the field of steel bridges, becoming a pioneer in Italy; this activity ran parallel to the teaching, scientific and standardisation activities, supported by numerous scientific publications and texts. The design and construction of the first wide span bridges in Italy began in the 1960s, on the A3 Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway: the Serra and Rago viaducts, with orthotropic slab deck and using Corten steel.
In 1972 his son Prof. Giuseppe Matildi, associate professor of Construction Techniques in charge of the programme in "Theory and Design of Steel Constructions" (from 1983 to 2007) at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Bologna, joined his father in the company.
In this period, bridge design was further studied in technological and workshop terms, moving towards the design of large works assembly, a field that the Studio MATILDI progressively moved into.
In 1992 Prof. Giuseppe took over the helm of the associated firm, and in addition to continuing the bridge tradition the company activities branched out into the field of integrated design of whole road lots,

including lots IV and V of the redevelopment works of the North-West quadrant of the GRA (Gran Raccordo Anulare - Ring Road) in Rome, both opened to traffic in 2006 and lots (between km 148 and 154 and between km 173 and 184) of the redevelopment works on the A3, Salerno - Reggio Calabria motorway, currently in progress.
In 2003 the place left empty by Prof. Pietro Matildi was covered by Carlo Vittorio Matildi, Prof. Giuseppe's son, a structural engineer specialised in Project Management in London, where he worked for seven years before moving to China in 2008, to continue his specialisation in the international field.